Jim Berryman


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David Berryman


      (615) 300-8888

Meet the Management team!

Jim started this company with his son in 2001 from the basement office of his house. The company continued to grow rapidly even through the recession, and has developed a large and loyal clientele. This is the third successful company Jim has started from scratch.

While always based out of Tn. and Ky., Jim has worked all throughout the U.S. including Hawaii and Puerto Rico. He has worked as an engineer, installer, programmer, and business owner in the communications industry since 1972. Jim is often reminding the team, “right or wrong, i’m in charge”, “unless its broke, then call David”

David and his father started this company in 2001. Though his position is managing the engineering and operations of Southern Contracting, he still stays involved in all areas of the company from sales to installation.

David often explains his position here as; “If it’s impossible to do, its my job to make it work!”

“I don’t live in the box, I don’t think outside the box, to be fair i didn’t even know there was a box? “ Any thing can be controlled or integrated, its just a matter of where to wire the contactors.”

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